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IAAF LogoMore Than The Music is proud to announce that the DVD orders have now been mailed and should be arriving shortly!  Thank you for your patience and we hope that you enjoy your purchase.  We'd like to remind you that digital downloads of individual performances are available for purchase through our online store for $7.00 and are perfect for posting to Facebook or YouTube.  Just click "Store" in the menu and find the performance from this year that you'd like to purchase.

Any purchase includes a the ability to download the "Awards Ceremony" for only 1 cent.  Just add it to your cart prior to checking out.








Welcome to our little spot on the web. On this site you'll be able to see what we can bring to your party or event. Our company prides itself on our professionalism and going beyond the expectations of our customers. While other companies out there will sell you a base package and then everything you really want is an "upgrade" we decided to be different and give you all that we can offer for one rate. You read that correctly, if we do it then it's included in the cost. There's no hidden fees, no upgrades, no add-ons, no surprises, nothing is left for a rainy day. That means that you can have the bash you wanted without breaking the bank.

Now it would be really easy to say that and only offer a few things, but would be cheating. We offer a variety of things for your event from simple music & MC'ing services to dance lighting, architectural up lighting, karaoke, projection, and fog.

Weddings and Anniversaries

I bet you didn't know that a DJ is there for more than spinning tunes. A well organized event has a lot of moving parts and the DJ is there to help make sure that people get to where they need to be and to help guests anticipate whats going to happen next. Ever been to a wedding where you didn't know someone was going to cut the cake? Maybe you didn't know how far out the wedding party was from the reception? Or maybe it was your wedding and the DJ kept asking you questions about when things were going to happen?

The DJ should know whats happening, when and should help the attendees by keeping the crowd informed and by being your voice so you can enjoy your special day and not worry about it. We meet with couple weeks ahead of time and workout the ceremony, reception, and/or party flows so we don't have to bother you during your event. This allows us to help coordinate on your behalf and to keep things moving when you're enjoying yourself.


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School Dances/Events

So the big dance is coming up and you have to find a DJ. As the student-planners you want someone fun and exciting who knows all the latest viral hits, but who also has a sense of some great slow songs. As the administration you want someone who will abide by basic no-not-play lists and who will keep songs from being played with profanity's or foul messages in them. It's a balancing act and we try to walk the line, we keep our ear to the latest hits, but also temper that with radio edits and lists from well known parental lyric alert sites. Keeping your event fun yet above board. Add to that our light display and power speaker setup and you've got a party any teen would be happy to attend.


Company Events

A DJ can bring life to any party by involving the crowd, helping to spread your message and by keeping any timetable you have. Beyond that they can judge the crowd and plan the appropriate music for the room. Ever had a DJ who was 20 and thought everyone at your office should be into rap or the latest hip-hop song? We know that your employees have different tastes and as a mixer for your company you need to make all of them happy. In business you know you'll never make everyone happy all the time, we believe heavily in the 50/50 rule. We strive to make 50% of the people happy 50% of the time. Usually doing this ensures that noone walks away upset because their style of music never got played.


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